A Guide to Modern Workleisure

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4 Workplace Scenarios. 4 Killer Outfits.

The Boardroom Closer

Suits don’t close deals. Confidence does. This workleisure look breaks necks, cashes checks, and doesn’t apologize for it.
Pictured here is the Boardroom Closer, wielding his pointer stick like a white knight brandishes his sword. Not only did he just slay his presentation like a dragon and sign yet another new client, but he looked cool as hell doing it. He’s a closer. A finisher. A winner.

The Work-From-Home Warrior

Comfort comes first when you’re working from home, but that doesn’t mean your appearance falls by the wayside. Workleisure blends looking good with feeling good.
Pictured here is the WFH Savage appearing effortlessly relaxed in the space he dominates, yet neatly put-together in his client-facing Zoom calls. He doesn’t know it here, but Janet from Accounting has his video pinned during the All-Company Google Meet. Cool it, Janet.

The Watercooler Regular

While at the office, you’re the star player on a championship team—you give it your all. But you know that there’s life outside these four walls. Workleisure lets you enjoy that life from the moment you clock out.
Pictured here are two Watercooler Regulars shooting the shit before they head out to enjoy the weekend. It’s 4:30 pm. They’ve hit their goals for the month and then some. They have no qualms about leaving at 5:00 for happy hour with friends or about heading straight there in their crisp, clean crew curve tees.

The Coffee Shop Baller

The concept of the workplace has been completely redefined—the “office” is temporary, flexible, versatile. Workleisure is the attire that has managed to keep pace.
Pictured here is the Coffee Shop Baller, en route to one meeting or another. This nomad can’t be tied down by material concerns like an office space or outdated necktie. He lives and works on the go with apparel that can keep up. The cute barista at his go-to spot just gave him an extra dollop of foam. He winked. She swooned.

WTF is Workleisure?

Professional, comfortable clothing appropriate for both a work environment and everyday wear.
A new phenomenon born out of the shift in the modern workforce. A response to the demand for more comfort and versatility in professional apparel. 
Examples of workleisure in English
“I’m so god damn tired of wearing these uncomfortable suits. I wish I had more workleisure options.”