New Logo for a New Era
New Logo for a New Era
May 3rd, 2021
Today we’re launching our new logo. Actually, it’s more of an evolution from our first logo – the one that took us from the early beginnings of Cuts to right now. It’s hard to believe, but Cuts turns five this August. As we reflect back on the past few years and how much our brand has evolved, we can’t help but admire some of those accomplishments. Seeing our shirts worn all across the world (from professional athletes, to entrepreneurs and celebrities, and most importantly you guys–our community), successfully expanding into different product categories, the launch of Friday Projects, all of it is truly humbling. However, there was still one part of our brand that we felt needed some attention – the original logo.
This change doesn’t come out of thin air, and is by no means a knock on our original insignia. Heck, it’s gotten us to where we are today, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of that. However, there are a variety of reasons for why we wanted to breathe new life into the Cuts mark...and we felt like sharing some of the story with you all.
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Our first logo was created days before the Kickstarter campaign launched. It combined two sewing needles, crossed over one-another to form the renowned ‘X’ you’re all familiar with, and was outlined with a series of dashes (28 of them, to be exact) in the form of a circle. If you’re at all privy to graphic design, you’ll immediately agree that there was a lot going on. The two-needle eyes are incredibly small and similarly, the needle tips diverge into a very thin line. 
No big deal, right? Well, not exactly.
When viewing a large version of the logo on a digital screen everything looks fine. But what happens when we’re forced to display our logo on a scale that’s much smaller? Quite frankly, it looked entirely different. The needles nearly vanish into thin air and the dashes either begin to look like little dots or just disappear altogether. Take a look:
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Yikes. A graphic designer’s worst nightmare.
We also ran into issues with how the logo looked on physical goods. Things like our woven labels on the back neck of the shirt, the care labels on the inside seam, and virtually anywhere else we needed to print, embroider, or affix our logo on a small scale on our garments. The same issues arose, but manifested differently. Some versions of our woven labels had 19 dashes in the circle, others had 24, and almost all of them didn’t accurately reflect the intricacies of the crossed needles. To be honest, it drove our Brand Director (Ethan) utterly insane. 
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The most prominent logo embellishment we’ve maintained is our signature ‘X’ embroidery on the right-side seam of the shirt. Actually, in the eaaarly days of Cuts (real OG’s will remember this), it used to be heat-transfer patch with the full circular logo, but soon realized we wanted something stronger and more recognizable. This led to the to black stitched X you see today. Although this wasn’t a true representation of our “actual” logo…  we liked it, and so did you guys. For this new era, the stitched X remains, only now it sports the little ‘slice’ you’ll see on our new logo.
As our brand evolves, we take every opportunity to improve. We are constantly putting our past work through scrutiny to find ways to be even better.  Our logo was no exception. We explored a multitude of options with the goal to make it instantly recognizable, achievable in a range of scales and mediums, and something that still paid homage to our bootstrapped beginnings. What we landed on was a slight adjustment that we feel has confidence and timeless appeal.
This brings us to today – a fresh new logo to bring on the next generation of Cuts. We’ve kept the same color palette but introduced changes that we feel are refined, yet still boast the spirit of the original. 
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We ditched the intricate needle design in favor of a bolder X that still resembles its predecessor’s shape. The twenty-something-dashed-circle is now cleaned up and comprised of four intentional curved lines with increased weight. And the subtle knick was added for personality. 
You’ll start to see the new logo across all Cuts digital channels starting today, and over the next few months on all of our garments and physical goods (labels, packaging, boxes, etc.). During this time if you happen to receive one of the old black Cuts poly bags and feel like saving it...who knows, maybe it’ll be worth something someday ;) #vintage #resellers. 
We couldn’t be more excited for this new chapter. Still the same Cuts brand you know and love – we just freshened up a bit. Here’s to many more years.
Always On,
The Cuts team.