May 15th, 2021
A few months back we had this crazy idea. “Let’s film a live set in the middle of the desert and launch it alongside an episode of Always On.” 
Seems relatively straightforward...until we remember that we’re not a production company – we’re an apparel brand. Live event production is certainly not something we’ve dabbled in. But that’s all the more reason we wanted to do it… and after months of planning, we pulled it off.  
For this set, we hit up our good friend Justin Blau (aka 3LAU) to see if he’d be down.  We gave him the rundown: “Think: Nevada desert, sand dunes, lights everywhere, all we need is our performer.” 
He jumped at the opportunity. So in late April, after months of planning and preparation, we headed out to the Amargosa Dunes outside of Las Vegas to make history.
The result is a truly incredible music experience that combines vast landscapes, unparalleled lighting, and a music set to match the elements.  All produced in-house by the Cuts Clothing team. 
The full set is available to view on 3LAU’s YouTube channel [link] and will be followed up with Episode 004 of Always On in a few weeks.  We hope you enjoy the set!
- The Cuts Team
P.S.  Full blog post breaking down the backstory of this project plus the trials of planning and set-up to follow in the coming weeks.